Important details

🚌 Shuttle departs daily from Double Tree (300 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130).

🎉 Saturday's celebration takes place at the zoo (6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118) where dinner will be served.

📝 Registration begins both days at the Aquarium (1 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130) at 8:00 AM. 

🐙 Bootcamp activities will take place at the Energy Giant Screen Theater, next to the aquarium. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served (no dinner on Monday).

🚗 Parking is available at Canal Place Parking (333 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130) for 5$ validation (bring your ticket with you).

👫 If you are not staying with your child, please ensure you register them at the front table and submit this signed release form to

🎒 Attire is casual! Come dressed in whatever makes you feel like an Ocean Hero!

❗️If your child has a food allergy or other dietary restriction please email ASAP.


Bootcamp Program

Day One - SATURDAY, JUNE 2nd



5:00 - 5:30PM

Arrival & Registration

5:30 - 5:45 PM


5:45 - 6:00 PM

SPEAKER: Welcome by Henry Pincus, Point Break Foundation

6:00 - 6:10 PM

SPEAKER: Carter and Olivia, welcome youth

6:35 - 6:45 PM

SPEAKER: Welcome by Barbara Hendrie, UN Environment NA

6:50 - 7:00 PM

SPEAKER: UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Designation

7:00 - 8:30 PM

Musical Performance & Buffet Style Dinner

8:30 PM

Shuttles begins back to DoubleTree





8:00 AM

Arrival, Registration, & Breakfast 🍳

8:45 AM


9:00 AM

Screening of "Junk" a Mini-Documentary by Dr. Marcus Eriksen

9:30 AM

SPEAKER: Dr. Marcus Eriksen

9:45 AM

SPEAKER: Pitch Session Overview

10:15 AM

PSA Activity

10:45 AM

PEER SESSION: Saanya Bhargava

11:00 AM

PEER SESSION: How to Influence Your Campus

11:10 AM

ACTIVITY #1: Skillbuilding

11:20 AM

Screening of Angry Ocean, Sucker Punch

11:30 AM

LESSON : Science in Action: Lesson #2 - Into the Gyres

12:00 PM

PEER: The Importance of Advocacy and Policy

12:10 PM

PEER: Voice Skillbuilding #3

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Screening of #StopSucking PSA Video

1:40 PM

SPEAKER: Science in Action: Lesson #3 - Plastic for Dinner

2:15 PM

ACTIVITY: Introduction to Litterati (introduced by a youth)

2:20 PM

SPEAKER: Litterati presentation

2:35 PM

NETWORKING: Drama games and theatrical exercise

3:05 PM

ACTIVITY: Campaign development and practice your pitch

5:00 PM


6:00 PM

Screening of  STRAWS

6:45 PM

Day 1 Concludes - Pickup!


Day three - Monday, JUNE 4tH



8:00 AM

Arrival, Registration, & Breakfast 🍳

8:30 AM


8:40 AM

SPEAKER: Dune Ives introduces Adrian + G7

8:50 AM

SPEAKER: Adrian Grenier UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

9:00 AM

ACTIVITY: Plastics BAN List - Jeopardy

9:15 AM

ACTIVITY: Love Letters to the Sea

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

ACTIVITY: Campaign Development Working Session

11:30 AM

PEER: Just getting Started

11:40 AM

ACTIVITY: Building your media and social media plan

12:10 PM

ACTIVITY: Telling your Story

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Screening of #StopSucking PSA Video Featuring Celebs & Youth

1:35 PM

PEER: Juggling Life & Activism

2:00 PM

ACTIVITY: Introduction to Ocean Heroes Quest Toolkit

2:15 PM

ACTIVITY: Ocean Heroes Quest & Campaign Work

3:00 PM

ACTIVITY: Love Letters to the Sea while pitchers practice

3:30 PM


3:45 PM

ACTIVITY: Pitch Session with Adrian Grenier & Judges

4:45 PM

SPEAKER: Closing, What's Next

5:30 PM

Screening of all Ocean Heroes Films

5:45 PM

Day 2 Concludes - Pickup!


Day four - tuesday, JUNE 5tH


Join us after the Bootcamp is over for the official World Environment Day celebration, hosted by UN Environment North America at the historic Historic Carver Theater!

RSVP to join us here.


planning your trip

Activities for the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp begin on June 2 at 5PM and end the evening of June 4. We highly recommend flying in the morning/early afternoon of June 2 and leave morning of June 5.

Flight code: To access a 5% discount provided by Alaska Airlines, please go to and enter the discount code ECMZ750. Or, you may call the Group Booking line to book your flights at 800-445- 4435

PLEASE NOTE: Using the Group Booking line will incur an additional $15 booking fee.